Friday, July 08, 2005

A Meeting with Baby B!

It's official: We are having the world's cutest baby! :o) As confirmed by last night's ultrasound, this baby is absolutely beautiful! Okay, so we're biased, but it was really cool to see our baby in 4D. A cute little nose (looks like Jeff's thank goodness!), a round little face (again, Jeff!), and short little legs (Jeff, Jeff, Jeff!). AND there is definitely hair on that little head already, and the technician said she thought she saw a dimple on his or her chin (this would be Jeff's brother Brian!). How cute is that?!

The technician was absolutely wonderful and told us more than we ever imagined. It really made everything, well, real. Of course, we refrained from asking the sex (although she said she knew), but the whole cleft chin makes me think boy now more than ever (which I have thought from the beginning!). Still, you never know... I would be MORE than happy with an Emma too! :o)

Everything else is functioning perfectly. Size is about 4 lb 7 oz -- right where we should be at this point (no 14-pounder here!). The heart is working, kidneys are good, stomach is functioning, and blood flow to and from the umbilical cord is very healthy. Heart rate is 146, which is also normal. So, we know that all the major stuff is good, along with some fun little details that will make it VERY hard to be patient this next 6 to 7 weeks!

But I have to say it's strange how quickly we have gotten to this point. While 6 to 7 weeks sounds long, it's really not, especially when we have fun things like showers coming up. I know these weeks will fly by (except maybe those last two!). AND all my fellow friends in pregnancy are starting to have their babies, leaving us to go next! A girl Becky from church had her baby a few weeks ago, my boss's wife had her baby on Wednesday (4 weeks early!), my friend Carrie is ready to go any day now, and my friend Cara in Maryland will be induced on Monday at 6 am EST (say a prayer for her please!). That leaves Baby B. next in line, which is just so weird to think about. We're going to be parents! Yes, I know this may not be a shock to you since I've been pregnant for 8 months now, but it's all starting to settle in. I guess God knew what he was doing by giving you ¾ of a year to get used to the idea. It truly takes that long to understand what is really happening!

With that said, of course you all know we are truly excited and can't thank you enough for all of your prayers. It is so wonderful to know this baby is already blessed with a wonderful family circle that will bring much joy to his or her life. God is good!

Okay, enough mushy stuff. I will try to post a photo of the ultrasound, but this one was all in 3D/4D, so it may be hard to see details online. Still, I will try.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Terri said...

Hi Lisa, Jeff and BAby B_-
WOW--Baby B is going to be a cutie--although we already knew that just from knowing his/her parents! Glad you're feeling great--hope you enjoyed splurging on sweets at your shower. Sorry I couldn't be there today for all of you but my heart and prayers are! Can't wait to get "the call!" Love you...TER