Friday, July 01, 2005

Doctor Update

Had our doctor's appointment yesterday and everything is looking good. Belly is measuring where it should be and the heart rate is strong. The doctor even felt for the baby's position, which was cool, although I could have told him where he/or she was. It's amazing how much both Jeff and I feel now – actual baby parts and, of course, constant kicking, rolling, and shifting. This is one active baby!

My sugars are "great" and I was even told that I could "cheat" every once in a while if I absolutely felt the need to, provided that it doesn't change my levels dramatically. That means I can maybe have dessert at my showers! :o) July 9th can't come soon enough! :o)

We did get an order for the ultrasound -- yeah! -- which we'll have next week. :o) We'll also most likely get another one (yes, ANOTHER one!) a few weeks before we're due, so we'll have many, many pictures to share. This is all to make sure I don't have one of those 14-lb babies we've all heard about, but I'm not worried. I've gained about 18 lbs so far, according to the doctor, (I say 20 lb since I didn't see him until the 11th week), so I have a hard time believing this baby will be much larger than 8 lbs. Still, what do I know, and if we get to check in on Baby B more often because of it, okay!!!

I also found out that with gestational diabetes, they do not let you go past your due date, so Baby B will definitely be here by the week of August 23. Everyone say a prayer that this all happens naturally, though, because I REALLY do not want to be induced! I'd like the baby to come when he or she is ready, not at a specific time. You heard me -- I DON'T want a scheduled appointment, go figure!! Maybe it's the romantic in me, but I just want to have that moment where I freak Jeff out by saying, "It's Time" and I want to experience the whole wonder of pregnancy, including those first real contractions. Some might call me crazy, but I think most of you know what I mean.

We also had our second birthing class last night. I am such a geek -- I absolutely love these things and feel like I'm back in school, soaking everything up. Two hours of non-stop pregnancy talk –- it is great! And, no, I am not being sarcastic. Despite my desire for "surprise" in this pregnancy, I still want to be informed and confident when the time comes. And I think Jeff likes it to (although last night his main task was mastering the art of massage and supportive breathing!). We have next week off because of the holiday weekend (not sure why since it's on a Thursday), but the following week we talk about meds and get our tour of the hospital. I'm really anxious to learn more about the medications because I am still really torn about what I want to do. Jeff is supportive no matter what, so the choice is really mine. There are so many pros and cons for both ways that I'm confused. Jeff says maybe we should just go into it with an open mind, which is probably what we'll do. I guess you don't really know what to do until you're in the situation!

Well, that's it for now. I did take belly photos, but forgot to post them (are you all shocked??), but hope to do so early next week. This weekend Jeff and I will be chillin' in Geneva with the Bonnemas, so Baby B will get lots of R&R. I can't wait (except for that whole bathing suit part….)

Have a great 4th of July everyone!!! :o)

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