Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pizza Anyone???

I passed the 3-hour (at least for now). Wooooo-hoooooo!!

Do you think it would be strange to place a pizza order for tonight... even thought it's only 12pm???


Mommy Brain said...

So glad you passed the three hours...what a horrible test! I had to take one for my last pregnancy...I was curled up under a blanket sleeping before I knew it. And I'll second that pregnancy doesn strange things to ones brain...worrying seems to be as normal to pregnancy as heartburn and strech're not alone.

Cool baby watch sidebar..I've never seen that before.

grandma bernard said...

Praise God. Didn't I tell you - that you & that precious wee little one are in His capable hands? Enjoy your pizza ;-P Love you ALL !

Heidi said...


I'm so happy for you - pizza sounds great!

Mama C-ta said...

YAY!!!! Order an extra one for me, this calls for a celebration!