Monday, March 26, 2007

The Details

So now you all know we have another bun in the oven. :o) It was kind of a surprise, but not completely. Either way, we're pretty darn excited around here. (And thank you all for your kind words. Blogging friends rock!)

I've had two dreams so far that this baby is a boy, but with all the drama we've had in the last 9.5 weeks, I'm thinking it's a girl! ;o)

Not really bad drama, just drama. First, we didn't know my due date because my cycle has been so goofy (hence the new baby!), so we had to have an ultrasound to get a firm due date. For some reason that made me a little my OB "knew" something I didn't and wanted to make sure all was well. Plus, when he did my internal, he said I felt a little smaller than the due date on the chart.

The funny part is that I pretty much know when this baby was conceived (sorry, Mom!), so I knew I was later than the "chart," but still, there's always that little voice in your head that makes you nervous.

So the ultrasound went fine. I'm due Oct. 26 -- 3 days after my 30th birthday! This, of course, means I was being totally silly, but it was long 2 weeks of trying to convince myself not to worry. (Does anyone else worry about worrying?)

AND THEN my OB had my sugar levels checked. Yes, that lovely 1-hour test we all hate. I had gestational diabetes (gd) with Emma, so he just wanted to make sure everything was normal. I didn't think anything of it until I got the message that I had very much flunked the 1-hour test. And I had to take the 3-hour test ASAP.

At first I was frustrated that I might have gd so early, which means no fun food (chocolate!), a very firm eat schedule (who has time to eat every 2-3 hours with a busy toddler?), and finger prick 3 times a day. Ugh!

I called him back for more info, but he never returned my call. It was a Friday, so they were gone by 1pm. It was 2pm, and I did the worst thing I could have done: I went to the Internet.

That's when all sorts of statistics started popping up about birth defects and the fact that I may have never gotten rid of the diabetes in the first place, meaning I might have a mild case of type 2 diabetes -- permanently. Unfortunately, it didn't sound too far off base since I've been to the doctor a few times for random bruising. Enough bruising that he even checked my sugar levels, but he never did a glucose test.

I started to think the worst.

Needless to say, it was a long weekend. I was mad at my family doctor for possibly missing the fact that I had developed diabetes. I was mad at my OB for not calling me back. And I was mad at myself for being so "whatever" about this pregnancy. Had I known, we would have been more responsible. This baby deserved a fair chance from the start.

ANYWAY, my OB finally called back on Monday and made me feel much better. He was very casual and didn't seem too worried about it. He just wanted me to get the 3-hour test done, and we'd go from there. Ya know, the rational way of looking at all of this. Even so, I decided to start following the gd diet just in case.

Of course, this all involved a lot of praying (and crying -- pregnancy hormones really mess with you!), and -- as always -- God is so good. I don't have the results back yet, but my test on Saturday couldn't have gone better. For those of you who remember last time, I was beyond sick... as in curled up in the fetal position for the entire 3-hours trying not to pass out and puke.

I'm hopeful that my lack of reaction means I don't have gd (at least yet), but that will mean I have to take it again in 15 weeks. Oh well. That's what this whole parenting thing is about, right? Emma is concrete evidence that it's all worth it. Yes, even the lack of chocolate!

So that's the scoop. I'll keep you posted once I get the results -- hopefully by Wednesday!


amanda said...

Oh, sweet Lisa...I'm sorry you were overwhelmed with "what-if's". Pregnancy sure does a number on our brains...sometimes permanently, lol. I am so glad your test went better than last time. I'll be praying for God to give you peace, whatever the outcome, and for a healthy baby.

Martina said...

oh yay! Everything will by ok....We'll be praying, but God is good and He will look after you! However, I think you should hold that baby in til October 27th...that's a FABULOUS day to be born!!! :)

Heidi said...

Congrats!!!! I totally don't know how I missed that you were pregnant- teach me to take a blogging break!!!

Yes, it is all worth it and hopefully you don't have it this time at all!

aunt nenni said...

I am so glad your test on Saturday went better than last time and better than you expected! I didn't know you were def going on Saturday & we haven't really talked much.....sorry i didn't know! I feel terrible! Hopefully, like you said, the results will be different this time since you didn't react like last time! At least this way I only have to wait a day to hear! Make sure you call me and tell me! I love you! And Emma too! And baby B#2, and Jeff! Lol! Did I leave anyone out? Baby...minnie....ok, I'm done. :)

Tracey said...

Crossing my fingers for you, that all's fine. Good for you for following the gd diet early on. Even if the tests come back negative, at least you'll have a leg up on it in case it develops later on. Good luck.

Carol said...

I'm a "what if" addict, and it's very non-peaceful ... so stop playing that hand and give it over to God! Praying all goes well over the next 7 months. That 3 hour test is very yuck, as well as the pricking of the finger! But you're right, the outcome is so much worth it.