Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Virus Revealed

So Emma has officially finished up her first (and hopefully only) case of Roseola. Temps of 102-104 for 4 days have NOT been fun. And neither is the rash that broke out this morning. The good news is that the rash means the fever is gone and she's not contagious anymore. Good thing, considering we didn't even know what she had until today!

It's funny how I always question whether or not I'm too overprotective of Emma. My family and friends will tell you I'm ultra-protective of Emma's sleep schedule, and I tend to keep her home if she even shows a slight sign of a cold. It makes life more difficult, yes, but I kinda feel like that's what you do when you decide to have children. It's not about you anymore. It's about the kids and the sacrifices that come along with that. In other words, that trip to Target will just have to wait. Plus, it's not fair to other children or parents. No one wants a sick kid, and I certainly don't want to be the cause of some child's misery.

When Emma's low-grade temp started to rise on Friday, I wondered if I was being silly when I decided to skip our morning play date and small group that night. I wondered if we were being lazy and making excuses when we stayed home from church on Sunday morning. Were we overreacting? In this case, I think we made the right choices. Otherwise there would be a lot of sick kids, and it would be our fault.

Granted, we did take a trip to Sam's Club on Saturday when her temp seemed to be stable. But wouldn't you know it—the second we got home; it shot up. Lesson learned. We shouldn't have gone.

So what's my point? Not really sure, but I guess all of this has reaffirmed that being a good parent comes first, even if it means putting a few things off. Even if it means having people think you are a little nutty or (gasp!) that you put your child first.

I know so many people that run their kids around, even if they are tired, sick, etc. I don't think I'll ever be that kind of parent. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do, but most of the time, it can wait.


grandma bernard said...

You are such a good mommy and she's been a very 'good gurl' through this whole thing, too. ;o) Love you both very much.

Mama C-ta said...

Very well said! (coming from the Mama who dragged her son out to the grocery store after he had a random fever all night) I thought he was back to normal and we would have starved to death - literally, we already ate all our scraps! But I realized it was a bad decision once he was falling asleep sitting up in the shopping cart.

People may think you are over protective but I think YOU actually THINK everything through - you realize what the consequences will be of bringing out a sick or over tired kid. You do put Emma first, always have and always will.
I'm so glad she's feeling better though! What were her other symptoms - b/c Julian's random high fever (which he NEVER gets) has me Roseola contaigous through too much Emma blog reading?

aunt nenni said...

Well I'm glad Emma is feeling better and I think you are great parents! Stand your ground and do what you believe is the right thing to do and don't let anyone else tell you how to parent your own child. I love you all!

Jennifer said...

i am glad to hear that Emma is on her way to being her happy self again.

i am not said...

Actually just talked to Grandma Bernard a couple of hours ago and she said you were on your way back to the doctor. Hope all is okay and you guys are able to figure it out and treat her soon. There is something going around that is not fun - not fun!

Please don't apologize for the way you parent your child - you parent the way you need to, not based on how other people think you should do it. If you worried about other people's opinions on parenting all the time you would go crazy and you would not be doing Emma any good. You're a good parent, keep doing what you feel you need to do!

BTW - it was kind of fun to meet a blog reader in person. Kind of weird because I didn't know she read mine, but cool, too:)

Mommy Brain said...

Christian had Roseola his first Christmas...the pictures are so funny because he just kept getting redder and redder as the night went on, he had been sick but by then he was feeling better...of course we didn't realize what was happening until he was all over rashed but looking back at the pictures I wonder "what were we thinking?"

Hope you have a sickness free spring....after such a long winter you guys deserve it!

Melissa said...

I don't think you over react - I think that is how parents should be!! We are the same way with our 19 month old - any sign of fever, runny nose , or cough - no play dates, no nursery at church , no errands (unless ABSOLUTELY necessary!). I wish more parents would stick with the idea that your children come first!! You seem to be a great parent and make great choices for your little one!

Paula said...

I read your blog and have never commented before. I read you through Glass Half Full.

I just thought this was a great blog. You are a great mommy and I agree ONE HUNDRED percent. Keep your child in not only protects other children out there (which I appreciate) but it protect our own. When sick, children need rest so they can recover quickly.

My son had Roseola last fall. A fever that high made him lifeless. It was really very scarey.

Well, I hope Emma feels better soon.