Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Better Late Than Never...

Yes, Emma's birthday party was almost a month ago, but I really want to get some of the details down for her benefit.

Like any fun holiday, Emma ended up with a monster cold. Fever, running nose, no sleep. All the night before her party. The day of her party, she took the shortest nap she has ever taken and had a 101 fever. I wasn't too confident that it was going to be a fun day.

BUT I have to say, she did so great. She didn't seem to mind that her nose was running or that she had no sleep under her belt, so I let her do everything she would have normally done -- swim, run around, etc.


She was on Tylenol most of the day and her nose was pretty raw, but as far as her mood, she was in pretty good shape.

I caved in and did an Elmo theme because she loves him so much, but mostly because I got all the decorations for free. My Great Aunt gave them to me about a year ago, and it seemed silly to waste perfectly good table cloths, plates, napkins, and banners. They were nice quality and colorful. I simply had to buy a few balloons and a cake, and we were all set.


Food was simple burgers and hot dogs, and everyone else brought a side dish. AND it was at my Mom's and Dad's house. (Thank you both by the way!) I have to say I really didn't have to do much at all... this is the way throw a party I tell ya!

I kept the guest list to immediate family and great grandparents, but somehow Miss Emma still ended up with a zillion gifts. She is truly blessed to have a family that loves her so much! (And so are we, of course!)

She can now help Mommy sweep the floor and vacuum. She has a new buddy (Heidi the Hippo) from Build-a-Bear, her very own sleepover bag for Grandma's, a bike, and lots of new gear for her baby. So far, we've only put together the baby bed, but we plan to put out the baby high chair and stroller when Baby B. comes so Emma has someone to take care of too. At least that's the plan...

heidi and bike

sleepover bag


She was extremely good about opening the gifts, and even made sure Daddy was a part of the whole experience by walking across the room to show him EVERY.SINGLE.GIFT. After a few minutes of this, we convinced Daddy to come sit by us so we wouldn't be there all day. We also had two potty breaks during present time, so a huge thanks goes out to my very patient family!

I was a little worried Emma was going to be all shy and goofy when we sang Happy Birthday to her, but of course, that was a silly fear. She literally sat there with this smirk on her face and kept looking around the room as if to say, "Yeah, this is for me...keep singing people!" She actually made us sing it to her twice, AND it would have continued if I didn't put a stop to it! So much for shy.




I bought a regular Elmo cake for everyone else, but made a dairy- and soy-free cupcake for the birthday girl. (I wish I would have gotten a better picture...before the sprinkles melted into the frosting!)


You can find the recipe here. And man, these were so yummy. Had I known they were going to taste so good, I would have made them for everyone. I highly recommend them for kids with allergies (and without!). I did substitute the soy milk with coconut milk. (You could use rice milk too, but I figured the coconut would add more flavor).

I made this buttercream frosting, but had to use Smart Squeeze Fat-Free Margarine (squeeze bottle) because it was the only non-soy/non-dairy butter substitute I could find locally (at Super Kmart... go figure!). Unfortunately, the frosting wasn't very thick, but it tasted good, and I topped it with multi-colored sprinkles. I am definitely making these again!

Emma was pretty pooped by the end of the night, so we actually ended up leaving earlier than some of our guests, but I knew she didn't feel well, and it was past her normal bedtime as it was. Meltdown mania began as soon as we got home, and it was a rough night, but we survived. Unfortunately, her cold didn't go away until 10 days later, which means she was also sick for her actual birthday. Such is life. At least I know she had a great time at her party. In fact, she often asks if she's getting another one soon. With presents of course.

So I think it's safe to say she completely understood the concept. Maybe a bit too well. Christmas should be lots of fun this year!


aunt nenni said...

Lol! More presents, more presents! Who doesn't love them? Yes, she looked like she enjoyed every minute of it! It was a great party Lis, good job! I can't wait for Christmas (we'll have a few more presents to buy this year too!:))!

grandma bernard said...

She was a perfect, polite, little angel!!! She said thank you for each & every gift and - I loved this part - made sure that daddy not only saw the gifts, but the cards too 8-) So much fun!!! I was very proud of our little trooper, what a blessing for all of us. Great pics too!

Alisa said...

That sounds yummy! I hadn't tried those cupcakes from Shmood Food yet. For the frosting, though it won't have as buttery a taste, coconut butter or spectrum shortening will work well and both are soy-free.

Mama C-ta said...

I was wondering how her party went! Looks like a great time was had by all and she always makes out like quite the bandit!

Thanks for the 'cake link, I'm definitely going to try them!

Glass Half Full said...

Mark was sick on his 1st birthday with that awful Hand Foot Mouth Disease. ICK!

And Elmo is popular here too.