Wednesday, September 05, 2007


As most of you know, I am one of those women that love being pregnant. If it wasn't for the constant worrying AFTER our little ones enter the world, I'd have like 5 kids. There's just something about proudly showing off that belly and the miracle of something growing inside of you.

And really, it's a good thing I love being preggers so much... otherwise I might be tempted to create a third-trimester complaint list that looks something like this:

1. heartburn that somehow results from everything and anything I put in my mouth
2. peeing every three seconds
3. an internal body temperature of 150 degrees
4. the inability to sleep through the night thanks to numbers 1-3 and the fact that someone is winning a gold medal for tumbling in my stomach
5. backaches
6. zero energy
7. sore feet
8. cramping toes and calves
9. the inability to keep up with a very fast and wiggly toddler
10. forgetfulness that is really starting to boarder on insanity
11. hormones that turn me into someone I really don't like after 5pm (okay more like 3pm...)

Yep, I am very grateful that none of these applies to me and my jolly belly!


i am not said...

Oh no - I'm sure NONE of those apply to you:)

Dave says that I'm a completely different person when I'm pregnant - and its not really a person that he wants to have drop in again - ever LOL! And I don't think the turning point was 3pm... probably more like implantation;)

You'll get through it - only 48 days to go!

Mommy Brain said...

Great list...unfortunately some of those don't leave you after number 2 shows up. The backaches, zero energy, sore feet, inability to keep up with a toddler, forgetfulness and not liking who you turn into after 3pm...I guess just the heartburn goes away. Sorry = )

Mama C-ta said...

Well hearing about how you had to scoot around from sciatica while pregnant with Ms. E, you are one of the most optimistic pregnant women I ever met. So a few complaints, hypothetically speaking, this time around are OK ;)

I do find the internal body temp of 150 pretty funny though :) xoxo

amanda said...

Don't let Christine scare's not that bad, or she and I never would have done it 4 times! :)
I'm one of those women that love being pregnant, too, but I still felt free to complain about the aches and pains many weeks before delivery. Yes, the inconveniences are SO worth it, but they're a pain in the neck sometimes, too! :)

Glass Half Full said...

I am with you when it comes to the acid reflux part. BLAH!

But pregnancy fashions....loved them!!!


{Karla} said...

(stopping by from FlipFlop Mamma's)

I loved being pregnant too.

The last few weeks I always feel like I am falling apart, but I still love it.

I just had my 4th (and final) babe 2 weeks ago today.

Congrats on your impending arrival!