Wednesday, August 10, 2005

2 Weeks to Go and Counting...

As expected, last night's doctor's appt. told us that nothing much had changed in 4 days. I'm definitely 2-cm dialated (he said last time was more like 1.5-2.0) and 75-percent effaced (last time more like 70 percent). Baby is at 0 station, or as the doctor said, "really, really low" (I could have told you that! :o) So now we wait...

I'm actually pretty glad that we didn't get anymore ground-breaking news last night because to be honest, this past weekend was crazy. I questioned every ache and pain and pretty much drove myself insane. Do I go to work on Monday after cramping all through the night? Is this the start, I thought? In the end, I went to work and obviously it wasn't the start, so I've decided to chill out. I have finally accepted that I have no idea when this baby is coming, so I might as well relax and enjoy these last moments of "freedom," right? :o) I also interviewed every recent pregnant lady I know (as well as my mom) about their labor experiences, so I feel confident that I'll "just know" and won't end up at the hospital for false alarms. It's funny -- I'm honestly more worried about false alarms than delivering in the car or my water breaking in public. I would just hate for someone at work to drive me home only to find out I'm not in labor!

The doctor did talk about inducing if this baby does decide to wait 2 more weeks, but I REALLY don't want that, so he said we could postpone that discussion until next week. Still, I know he won't let me go more than a day or 2 past my due date, so we will meet Baby B the week of the 22nd at the latest. That is exciting, but I still pray this baby comes on his or her own!!

Next appt. isn't until next Tuesday, so won't have much to post. But who knows, maybe this next week will be it and I'll be up to posting a quick note to pass the early labor hours. We'll see! :o)


Mama C-ta said...

Oh poop :( Well you are still doing well though and sounds like there was SOME change even if it were small. I hope you can post to let us know when labor starts but will understand if you don't get around to it :)

I was the same way w/the false labors, and Bryan was worse, threatening me not to have any. As you know we ended up there twice before labor but I knew it wasn't "labor"...just other false alarms :)

Also I didn't want to be induced and was, although not ideal especially for us 1st timers but in the end when you have that little Baby B in your arms, you won't care. But you'll go before then anyway! You're gonna be great and I know you have a great coach by your side. Man do I wish I lived closer!


Mama C-ta said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to hear ALL the details!!!!


Congratulations on baby Emma!