Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Love of our Lives...

She truly is. Not enough time for a long posting, but wanted to at least say thank you to everyone for the prayers, well wishes, gifts, cards... well, for everything!! Jeff and I have never felt so blessed. Emma is truly a gift from God, and we treasure every second we have with her. How in the world did we survive without her?? One look at her pouty bottom lip makes us melt, as does her smile, her sweet, sweet smell, and even her wiggly little legs that make it close to impossible to change her diaper! :o)

More details tomorrow on her first doctor's appointment (let's just say it involved a few diaper changes!!), but the good news is she already back up to her birth weight. In fact, she's 1 oz over, which means breastfeeding is going as well as I thought it was. She's a champ and latched on right away and eats like a textbook baby (trust me, I've read enough to know!). Between this and a quick labor, she's making this a little too easy on me -- although lack of sleep does still take its toll. But she even slept for almost 4 hours last night, which means I almost slept for 3 hours straight! I'm not counting on that happening too often, but a Mom can brag, right?! :o)

I'll definitely get better about posting more often now that Miss Emma is here. It's just so weird how you kind of live in a time warp that first week. There's no date... you just live feeding time to feeding time! Thankfully my Mom has been helping beyond belief, so I'm slowly getting used to my new schedule. In fact, I think Jeff wants to hire her full time! :o) Between her cooking and cleaning, we almost feel a little guilty. Okay, well, I feel A LOT guilty. But as she told me: "Lisa, look at Emma and tell me you would do anything to care for her, right?"

"Of course," I say, "Yes."

She replies: "Now multiply that by almost 28 years and you see why I am doing this. I am enjoying it."

Now if that's not a Mom to aspire to, I don't know what is. God is soooooooo good!

Love you all!



Lisa, I'm so glad everything is going well for you guys! She's beautiful.Let them take care of you! Your mom couldn't have explained it better. She seems sweet too! Enjoy baby, it flys by:0) Gianna will be one on Thursday, I can't believe it!

Mama C-ta said...

Les -

Your mom is great, we all need one like her! And I have a strong feeling you will be just as wonderful to Emma!

I love those 4 hour stretches but I wake up in a panic after 3 hours thinking something is wrong since it feels so unusual to sleep that long!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! The name of your blog says it all - heaven sent - babies are truly a blessing!

From a mom of two beautiful girls.