Sunday, August 07, 2005

Ultrasound Update

First of all, I'm obviously still here, so no Baby B yet. :o( But the good news is that the ultrasound showed that everything is just fine with this little one. He or she is measuring average at about 6.5 pounds. My fluid levels are also good, as is placenta placement, etc. In fact, the baby is definitely "in position." It was really hard to see since the ultrasound tech now had to go through bone to try and see the face, so we really didn't get any good pictures. Plus, the baby's face is totally smushed against my pelvic wall, so it wasn't as cute as before. The one thing the doctor said is, "Wow those are some big lips!" :o) We know where those come from! We did see that the baby was sucking... a lot! Hopefully that means nursing will go smoothly…

I am definitely getting more tired now and am making many trips to the bathroom (for more reasons than one), so hopefully these are signs that it won't be too much longer. I admit that I was really pumped after Thursday night, but here we are on Sunday, and not a whole lot is happening. I was feeling a lot of pressure in my lower back Friday night, but obviously nothing too major was going on. I am definitely getting anxious at this point. I even cleaned out some stuff at work just in case. But I guess it's good that I have some more time to get things wrapped up. Jeff painted the last bathroom this weekend (gotta luv him!), and we were able to stop at Babies R Us and get the last-minute stuff we needed. We hung the wall hangings, and I finished organizing and doing baby laundry (which, by the way is WAY more fun than adult laundry. It's all so tiny!). I also got all of my shower thank you cards finished. All that, and we even managed to chill today. I even floated in a pool... on my stomach!

So, I have to say I am ready now -- REALLY ready! We just need Baby B to be ready!! I'm not tired of being pregnant yet, but I am anxious to finally meet this little scooch! Jeff seems to think that we still have 2 more weeks ahead of us. Yeah, the one who originally thought I would go early... but what does his opinion mean anyway?! He's only the daddy! :o) My sister and I are betting on Tuesday (I luv her for that!). For some reason, August 9th just sounds good to us. But maybe we're just being optimistic. Anybody have other guesses? If you think I'll be late, post your comment at your own risk. Luv ya! :o)


Anonymous said...

I am so excited and can't wait for the arrival of Baby B. I think that August 10th will be a great day for you to have your little bundle of joy, since that would be Kelly's birthday. The next time that I talk to you you will be a Mom and I know you will be a wonderful one. I love you, Great Aunt Lorrie

Mama C-ta said...

Hmmmm, well I'm obviously not good at picking dates but I definitely think it'll be sooner than later! But I'll play along and say 8/13.

And I just realized that today is 8/9, the day you guessed so hopefully you are right and not reading this right now b/c you are having a baby! Sorry I have no concept of time's all a blur.

You and Jeff get tons of props though, you both worked really hard preparing all the way through this pregnancy. Jeff has done more painting than anyone I know!! Plus you've been very patient and probably the best pregnant woman I've met!! You'll be an even better mama!

Love you all,


Yay, your already dialated! 8/11 is my guess:0)