Friday, October 17, 2008

Fashion Friday: And So It Begins...


We have officially entered Princess mode. I can't believe we are here, but we are. Emma is obsessed with role playing the Cinderella story. We read at least four princess stories a day. YouTube sing-a-longs are begged for daily. And I must sing a princess song before nap and at night. Whether I know the real words or not. Even at 4am potty breaks, I'm expected to spout out "A Whole New World" before either one of us can head back to sleep. It's not pretty, people.

And she's pulling Kendall in as well. Both wear crowns most of the day (Emma gets the silver, jeweled Cinderella crown, while poor Kendall gets the cheap plastic Jasmine crown), and dresses are put on at least two to three times a day. Magic wands are in hand, adorning us all with the "most beautiful gowns I have ever seen." And glass slippers of course.

We are not, however, being a princess for Halloween. Instead, Emma has decided to be a ballerina. Probably because at this point, dressing up as a princess wouldn't really classify as a Halloween costume, seeing as it is our normal attire.

Lately, we've been also sporting a bit of a princess attitude, which I am REALLY not fond of AT All. Three year old princess tantrums are not fun.

Life as queen certainly isn't all it's cracked up to be, but I suppose it's worth it. Now would someone just tell me where the maids are?!!!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Aw!! I wonder when princess time will happen for me!?


Jen said...

Welcome to my world. Poor Wyatt. :-)

jen e. said...

Finally! I'll have to see if I can find those princess dresses on sale again. ;)
So what is Miss Kendall going to be for Halloween?

Anonymous said...

Kendall is looking soo much like Emma! They're just too cute!