Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Let's Talk About It: Heaven

So the other day, Emma and I are driving in the car, and we start talking about Heaven...

Emma: When I go to Heaven, Mommy, I'm going to give Jesus and God a big hug.

Me: That will make them very happy.

Emma: And it will be a party, right, Mommy?

Me: Yes it will.

Emma: And all my friends and family will be there!

Me; Well, sure. But it's your job to tell them about Jesus to make sure they are there with you.

Emma: I will, Mommy. And then all my family and friends will take an airplane to go all the way up to Heaven.

Me: Sure, sweetie. Something like that.


Butterfly Mama said...

aaaaaahhh, the sweet innocence of their hearts.


Jennifer said...

how sweet :)

grandma bernard said...

Jesus told us we should have 'faith like a child' - you GO girl!

Jennie said...