Friday, April 29, 2005

23 Weeks and Counting!

Well, we had our 23-week doctor's appointment last night and all is well with Baby B. Our doctor (Dr. Doah) went over our ultrasound results with us and said everything looks great, and there are absolutely no developmental abnormalities. Praise God! Even though the ultrasound technician pretty much told us the same thing, it's always nice to be reassured.

In fact, that's one of the qualities we like most about our OB -- he is very reassuring and knows that expectant parents want to hear that their baby is doing great as much as possible. For instance, when we were listening to the heartbeat last night (Jeff's favorite part -- he glows every time!), the heart rate kept going up and down. Jeff and I were a little confused, but Dr. D smiled and said that's actually a good sign. It means that the baby is really active. Just like a grown human, the baby's heart races when it is active and slows down when it rests. You can imagine our, um, surprise to find out that our baby likes to wiggle. (Our parents will quickly recognize the sarcasm in this sentence...) Jeff and I aren't ones to sit still -- although I'm definitely a little slower these days! :o)

Nothing else too exciting happened at the appointment, except for that we will now see the doctor every 3 weeks (instead of 4), which means I will definitely meet the other practicing doctor, Dr. F. Anyway, we've never met him in person, but he is actually the doctor that I spoke with during our "emergency" at 13 weeks, so I already know I like him. Still, it'll be nice to meet him in person just in case he's on call when Baby B. arrives.

We also decided to deliver for sure at Palos Hospital. The next step will be signing up for pre-natal classes. I'm going to hopefully get that scheduled in the coming weeks. Basically, this will be our "Parenting 101" course, and it will also allow us to tour the maternity ward, which will be comforting to me (always the planner!). One of the great things about Palos (besides the location) is that you stay in the room you deliver in -- there's no moving around.

Well, next week we will hit the 6-month mark, which is amazing to me. A half of a year seems so long, yet there's still 16 weeks left. Jeff and I aren't sure how much bigger this belly can get, but I guess that's where God comes in. In terms of physics, it just doesn't seem possible! :o)

I guess that's enough for now, but I'll be posting some updated belly pix over the weekend. Hopefully I can figure out this new photo program that will allow me to do a spread of my 5 to 23 week "progress." We'll see how patient I am!

Speaking of patience, pray that I am able to make it through a long night tonight. Jeff and I are sponsoring our youth group's lock-in, which usually involves little to no sleep. We'll see how long I last!

Love you all!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Just the four of us...

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Friday, April 22, 2005


Well, it has been quite a week. I'm finally recovering from what turned out to be a very tiring string of 7 days -- both physically and emotionally. I started off last weekend flying up to Baltimore, MD to spend time with my great friend (and fellow partner in pregnancy), Cara, and her hubby, Bryan. That was the fun part. It was the workdays in Washington DC that followed that really kicked my butt. These types of trips certainly aren't as stressful as the daily craziness at the office, but it's the constant "meet and greet" -- both day and evening -- that took a lot out of me. Plus, I was finally realizing how much my life was going to change once our little miracle arrives.

Not that I regret anything, it's just very strange to think that my main responsibility will be an adorable little baby. Of course, there will be moments I'm sure "adorable" won't be my first word choice, but overall, it's foreign to think about doing something so meaningful full-time. Sure, I'll still be working a little, but nothing like I do now.

It's funny how God works. Honestly, the first part of my trip was pretty hard. I'll admit, it was a blow to my ego to introduce all of my business contacts to the new editor of APPLIANCE (the man that will be taking my place). I had to smile and be happy for him, all the while remembering how hard I worked and how much I have sacrificed to get that title. But I have to tell you that by the end of the trip, it was clear to me there was no way I could have that title and be a mom -- nor do I want to.

Jeff and I originally made the decision for me to step down as editor because we knew it was what God wanted us to do. Now, more than ever, I know this is what I want too. I've had my "career" and now I have been blessed with the opportunity and challenge of a lifetime -- raising one of God's children. How could I ever turn that down?

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Baby B at 20 weeks Posted by Hello

Welcome to our blog!

Well, today is our first post, and I'm excited to finally get this up and running! I've had the blog set up for weeks, but just haven't had the time to post anything (or figure out what the heck I'm doing!).

The purpose of this online "notebook" is to try and update any friends and family (and whomever else for that matter!) on what's happening with Baby B. Of course, it's also a way for me (Lisa) to "vent" about the joys -- and struggles -- of pregnancy. (Maybe I can even get Jeff to post a few!)

I have to say that so far, pregnancy has been a fairly easy ride for me. Besides some emotional melt-downs (as Jeff can confirm!!) and compulsive over-worrying during the first trimester, I've been really blessed -- no major health issues, morning sickness, or stretch marks (yet!), and I have a ton of support from my hubby, family, friends (especially those also expecting), and even my work. Honestly, I'm sometimes waiting for the ball to drop. Everything is truly falling into place.

Now, don't let me fool you with all of this optimism. I'm sure there will be "posts" that will contain more complaints and details than you'll want to hear, but I feel compelled to be a little wishy washy on this first one! :o)

So stay tuned for updates on everything from baby kicks and doctor appointments to belly size and swollen ankles!