Friday, April 27, 2007

Fashion Friday: Puddle Jumping


I realize this isn't really a "fashion forward" outfit, but it is certainly functional and in my opinion, pretty darn cute!

full shot

Emma had lots of fun splashing in the puddles in her little rain boots. That is, when they would stay on. They're a little big, so getting in and out of "vroom vroom" (a.k.a. her Dora car) proved to be challenging, but she got the hang of it eventually.


Hopefully the rain is gone for now, and we'll all have nice sunny weekend! I know Emma can't wait to hit the SLIDES! again.

Until next week...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Why I Serve

So I have been missing from the blogging world recently (what, you didn't notice?!!). Well, I have been, but for good reason. Springtime is here, which means crazy ministry time at church. Everything is close to wrapping up for the year, so there's much to be done before summer hits. Specifically, our youth group and church ribbon dancing troop have been taking up a lot of my time.

The problem is that between those things, a few others, work, Emma and pregnancy hormones/exhaustion, I started to get overwhelmed. Really overwhelmed. And I started feeling sorry for myself. I was even getting to the point of getting mad at others who didn't seem as concerned I was about certain things -- or who didn't seem to care that I was running around with 15 hats on my head!!!

And then I had my moment of clarity: During a drive home about a week ago, I was able to spend a little alone time with God. I vented my feelings and my frustrations, and in His awesome quiet voice I heard the word I REALLY needed to hear: Glorify.

You see, THAT is why I do everything I do. Not for me, not for MY glory, and not for the glory of others, but for His. I serve because I love Him. I serve because I want more people to love Him. And I serve because I believe it will make a difference in the New World (Heaven) that I will live in someday.

Somehow, in the midst of our business, it's easy to lose sight of why we do things for others. It's easy to stop and make it about ourselves and feel like we are being used up -- or taken advantage of. But it's in those times that our focus is off God and on ourselves -- which is why serving is no longer enjoyable.

Yes, there are times to re-evaluate your schedule to see if you are burning out. And yes, there are some times you need to take a break to re-energize. But I also think that more often than not, we simply need to remind ourselves that glorifying God is the LEAST we could do for all He has done for us. Plus, when I am doing it for Him, I truly enjoy serving.

I often have people ask me if Jeff and I will "cut down" on our ministries as Emma gets older and especially now with a second child coming, but I really don't know that we will. I want my children to know it isn't about them and that we are called to serve others. It's the only thing that makes a difference in this world.

I will never put my service before my family, but I do intend to make it a part of my family. What better way is there to glorify God?!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fashion Friday: Casual Couple

Yeah, yeah, we're a little late, but Emma has been busy playing with her future hubby Cricket! Both were completely smitten with each other, which will make their arranged marriage much easier...

Here's a few snapshots of our stylish little couple hangin' out in the backyard, waiting for the choo choo. More details on our visit to come, including our first blogger meet-up with Ashlee and Stephanie and their little men!



Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The way it was meant to be...

I admit that there are many days when my Type-A personality doubts if I was really meant to stay at home with Emma. Days when I get frustrated that nothing "productive" got done. Days when the toddler melt-downs are too much for my patience. And days when I look at my dirty house, the growing list of things to do, and the pile of work on my desk and wonder what in the world I do during the day.

And then there are days like today. Days when the sun is shining, and I am outside with my daughter collecting sticks. Collecting sticks like I have nothing else to do -- and loving every minute of it. These are the moments that work is forgotten, and the dirty toilet is the last thing on my mind.

I truly feel this is what Heaven will be like someday. Stress-free days of collecting sticks with the ones we love. What a wonderful thought... and promise.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Fashion Friday: Easter Pretty!


I know, I know, I am posting this early AND I am overdue for a real post. Things have been a little nuttier than usual around here, but I promise I have some good posts floating around my head. Hopefully I'll get some in next week.

We had a great Easter. Emma did really well, considering she only snuck in a brief morning nap. She looked as cute as ever and even wore a hat to church. It wasn't my choice, but she wouldn't keep the bows in her pig tails, so it was our compromise. Of course, she couldn't pick the hat that was white and actually fit her. Nooooo... it had to be the off-white hat that was too small. Even so, I have to admit she still looked adorable and had all the older folks at church ooing and ahhing.

Here's a few more pix from our Easter at home... before the "extended family tour." We didn't have time for an Easter egg hunt, but we are definitely doing it next year... although we'll have two bunnies searching for eggs! :o)

The Bows

The Eyes

The Basket

I love Elmo!

Wow, my millionth book...

Friday, April 06, 2007

Fashion Friday: If you ain't Dutch...

...then you probably don't have an outfit decorated with tulips!!! Here, Miss Emma is stylin' in a hand-me-down from the Dutch side of the family. I couldn't resist! She even has the cheesey smile to top it all off.

Happy Easter everyone!




Thursday, April 05, 2007

Baby is Good!

Today was my second OB appoitment and all is well with Baby B #2. Although I haven't been as worried since I.ALREADY.HAVE.A.BUMP. Seriously, at barely 11 weeks, I am noticeably showing. I've even had a few people comment so I know I'm not crazy. I thought 13 weeks with Emma was soon, but at this rate, I will be rolling down the aisle at my sister's wedding in September. God has a great sense of humor that way! :o)

Anyway, heartbeat is strong at 156. And well, that's about it. I waited for about 2 hours for a 5-minute appointment, but I have to say I do love hearing that heartbeat. Even with the tummy, that sound makes it all so much more real. As I chase Emma around, I tend to forget that there's another little one in our lives. That is, of course, until 3pm hits. THEN I remember as I stare longly at the couch... (and as I justify downing an entire bag of Chex Mix!)

Unfortunately, Jeff hasn't been able to come to any of our appointments yet -- even the ultrasound -- so he's pretty bummed. We tried to make it work tonight, but because of the 2-hour wait, Jeff had to relieve our wonderful babysitter (thanks Aunt Nenni!) who had a previously made appointment. Anyway, I feel bad because I don't think this baby is that real to him yet, and I'm already feeling guilty like this baby is getting slighted. But that's life when you already have a child, right? Anyway, we are going to do our best to make sure Jeff can be at the next appointment, even if Emma has to come with. I'm just not so sure how happy a tot will be after 2 hours in a waiting room. Won't that be a fun post to read!

So that's the scoop. Stay tuned for Fashion Friday!