Monday, April 27, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Seriously, it has been way too long since I have updated this thing. Is anyone still reading this? (Cue the crickets...)

Well, in the event that someone hasn't totally given up hope, here's a mini post with some photos of my girls.

Miss Kendall. 18 months.


What? How did this happen? And how did I manage to treat her like the second child. Less photos, no letters, no blog posts. All the things I promised I'd never do to her. But moving, a lost job, a new job(s), a few weddings and showers, and moving again...well, it all just made life a little crazy. Yet, my sweet Kendall helped make it all a little easier with her adorable grin and those loves that keep coming. I might be able to do without the Evel Knievel climbing/launching and high-pitched screech that still has not gone away -- and perhaps a few more hours of sleep -- but this little peanut brings so much joy to my heart that I could never have made it through this past year and half without her in my life.

Emma. 3 1/2 and well on her way to 4.



My word, this girl might as well be 15. She looks so old to me now. Where are my baby cheeks? They have been replaced with this grown-up face that is revealing a very beautiful young lady. As of Saturday, she can write her own name and naps are becoming a little less necessary (*Sigh). Before my eyes, my baby is becoming a little girl. Her maturity is crazy, right down to the attitude. Yes, she is a handful, this one. The tone of voice is way too preteen for my liking, and the "I can do it"s require more patience than I have most days. Still, she is becoming my buddy again. Someone I can have conversations with that often bring more clarity than she realizes. I am so proud of her, and I am trying to savor this time as it is all going way too fast.

My girls. Holding onto these days as tight as I can.