Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fashion Friday: Sweater Weather

How is it we were outside just 2 days ago, playing around in our sweaters and now we are all bearing down for 10 inches of snow? Only in the Midwest...

Ladies and Gentlemen... we have curls!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Our latest trick

As I Am Not pointed out in a recent comment, our cabinet doors are often wide open these days. It seems Miss Emma has rediscovered the joy of cabinets. Emptying them is so much fun, but apparently it is even more fun to crawl inside and close the door behind you. Therefore, this serves as official documentation that Emma enjoys doing this, and any resulting emotional damage can't be blamed on the mother.

First, the coffee pot comes out.

Then the feet go in.

And going...



Friday, November 10, 2006

Fashion Friday: Casual Elegance

A girl has to look good whether she's just hangin' at home...



Or ready for a night on the town...


And a few more photos I had to share...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bye Bye Dottle (and other changes...)

So first of all, who in the world left last Friday off the calendar? I mean, I certainly missed it. Surely you did too. Otherwise, that would mean I forgot Fashion Friday, or worse yet, neglected to fulfill my blogging responsibilities. And of course, that certainly could NOT be the case. Even if I was sick...

Maybe I'll make up for the universe's mistake with TWO outfits this week. Maybe...

Anyway, as you current or former toddler moms know, A LOT can change in a week. First of all, the bottle is gone. As in the nipples have been thrown away, and Emma has no idea it ever existed. She is still on small amounts of formula, but only via sippy cup. She was starting to ask for her "dottle" after a meal so I decided it was now or never. For the most part, it went pretty well. A few hungry/tired moments made it a little harder, but once she realized the sippy cup could hold more than just water, she was open to change. Well done, sweetie!

Of course, one step forward usually means a step back, right? Well it does around here. We are officially back on two naps. Yep, you read right. Miss Emma has decided that between being sick and the time change (another dumb universe mistake), she'd rather have her old schedule back.

Based on my post of a few weeks ago, you'd think I'd be jumping for joy, but I'm honestly a little bummed. I kinda liked having her around more, and it was nice to have a little more freedom. But hey, if a girl needs her beauty rest, you give it to her. At least you better give it to this little girl. TRUST ME on this one...

So that's where we are at for now -- drinking fine, sleeping more than usual, and on the road to health. Hey, that sounds pretty good doesn't it??? Come to think of it, I say this calls for a Starbucks trip. Emma and I could really use a day out of the House of Snot!