Thursday, January 26, 2012


Most days when I look at her, I forget. I don't think about Spina Bifida, her shunt, her cathing, or her legs. I just see her -- Brooklyn -- and the beautiful spirit that she is. The way she now gives tight-around-the-neck hugs, her silly games of peek-a-boo, her fake "cries" to get attention, how she raises her little finger for "one more" book, and the way she adores every single thing her big sisters do.


But then there are other days when the tears fall fast and quick -- and I'm not really sure why. Days like today when I remember what she's been through and how it just isn't fair. How another rock star friend of hers has to go in for another surgery, and it just isn't fair. They are only children.

They are only children. 

But what's amazing about all of this is that it only takes one more look at her -- at that little impish grin -- and I forget all over again. I have written before about how I don't know if I could love her without hurting a little, and I think perhaps I was wrong. Yes, I hurt for her, but most of the time I just see all of the joy, the love, and the beauty she has brought into our lives. Part of that is because of her Spina Bifida and all that has taught us, but most of that is because of who she is...something that has nothing to do with her Spina Bifida at all.


Her determination is what is allowing her to succeed far beyond any of our expectations. Her gentle spirit is what has her therapists wrapped around her little finger. Her playful attitude is what captivates her sisters' attention when they could very easily ignore her.

When people talk about their diagnosis not defining them...I get it. Now I get it. This girl is so much more than the scars on her back, her head, and her feet. She is Brooklyn.


And that is what makes her special.


Making it Work...
dress and legwarmers -- Target, Kendall hand-me-downs
shirt -- Cherokee, niece hand-me-down
shoes -- Pedoodles, Kendall hand-me-downs
headband -- Adornemegirl

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

About Face

Kendall and I had a date with my camera yesterday, and I had every intention of getting some great good shots of her in my favorite dress for Small Style. But as with all things Kendall, she ended up being a goofball, and I couldn't get a good full-length shot of her. But boy did I get some close-ups, and I am in love with every one of them.

Just to be clear, when I say I am in love with them, I am not talking about the photography. I am talking purely about the subject matter. I realize I am looking at these through a Mommy Lens, but seriously, this girl is just too darn cute. I could have posted about 20 pictures, but I did my best to edit it down to my very favorites. All of them give you a glimpse of the many things I love about my Middle. She is a ham, but she also has a very tender heart.

Here are some of the many faces of Kendall:

The Face we call trouble

The ever-famous "Sharpay Face"

The Face that melts Jeff's heart

The Face that makes me giggle

The face that melts my heart

The face that makes me wonder where my baby went

The face that speaks for itself

The face that I will always remember

Oh yeah, and the dress...


(Christmas splurge: ZAZA Couture via Zulily)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


He misses me. I can feel it.
I miss Him too.

Why does this life always seem to distract me from the things that are dearest? Why is it such an effort

to stop

when it's really all I want to do.

But I keep going -- we all do -- because sometimes stopping just isn't an option and because sometimes

we are afraid to.

Does it prove something to everyone else, to me, if I keep going? What is on the other side of busy? Perhaps I am afraid to look.

What does He think? Is He trying to tell me to stop, or is He giving me the strength to keep going? I'm not sure.

It doesn't feel right -- eyes burning, stomach churning, patience fleeting -- yet the train must keep running.

As least for now.

What does He think?

Maybe I should take the time to stop and ask Him. I mean really ask Him.

I think I will.

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Sunday, January 08, 2012



This, my friends, has been my sanity lately. I love, love, love my morning coffee. Like a lot. I actually find myself looking forward to my cup of coffee as I am getting into bed for the night. (Is it just me?) Of course, that may be because it's not technically night any more when I slide under those covers, but I'm pretty sure having a cup at 1am or 2am would really not be a good idea.

I have to say that things have been a little hectic around here lately, and my head is all cloudy. (Too much coffee, perhaps?) But it is really bothering me that I haven't posted anything yet this year. I have a whole "2012 word" post written in my head, but more work is beckoning me tonight, so it will have to wait a few more days.

Until then, I'll leave you with a photo of few other things that keep me sane. Well, most of the time! ;)


Enjoy your Monday coffee, everyone!