Friday, May 11, 2007

Fashion Friday: Baby B at 16 weeks


What's more fashionable than a baby belly I ask you? Yes, Baby B is making his/her first appearance on Fashion Friday, proving that it's what's on the inside that really matters.

Yesterday's OB appt. went great. Jeff was finally able to come with (thank you, Mammma and Dopop!) and hear the heartbeat. I swear his face literally lights up when he hears that sound. The doctor said it was "very strong," which made Jeff practically radiate.

The actual heartbeat was around 154 and I am measuring exactly where I should be. And I finally gained weight -- 6 lbs in 5 weeks! I knew I had caught up because I have been really hungry, despite the fact that I can only taste 50 percent of what I'm eating.

Speaking of which, Dr. F did ask me to try and watch my diet to try and control the gestational diabetes from kicking in, which I was planning on doing anyway. I've been splurging the last few weeks, and I can feel that it's time to cut back -- for the baby's sake that is. Emma only got nutritious foods (and still does), and this baby deserves the same.

No major movement yet, but I thought I felt a few flutters the other night. I felt Emma early on, but I've also had more gas issues with this baby, so who knows. I just can't wait to feel that popcorn popping in my belly again. What an awesome feeling. God is so creative!

Oh yeah -- they've moved my due date back to my 30th birthday, Oct. 23. That's so much more fun to tell people anyway! Basically, my last period indicates a due date of Oct. 20, the ultrasound shows Oct. 26, and my estimated conception date puts us at Oct. 25. Therefore, he said let's shoot for the middle to be safe, and no more changes. Sounds good to me!

After riding home from the doctor yesterday, Jeff kinda confessed he'd like a boy this time. I actually said it for him because I could tell that's what he was thinking. Of course, he would love for another girl to melt his heart like Emma does, but I also understand every man's desire for a son. Me? I honestly don't care. A girl would be easier, of course, but having a little boy to love would be awesome too. A sister for Emma would be wonderful, but having a boy to keep her in check ;) has it's benefits too. We win either way!

We also talked about finding out the sex of the baby, but I'm dead set against it. I am a planner, yes, but this is the one thing in life that I want to be a surprise. There's really no medical reason to find out, so I don't feel compelled to do it. To be fair, we always said we'd be surprised on the first, but would find out with the second. But... it was so much fun being "wrong" with Emma. Everyone was so surprised, and it also gave Jeff the joy of sharing news only he could share. He says he's willing to give that up, but I'm not. I like that only God knows what we're having. It's His gift to us, and I don't want to open my gift up early. It's worth the wait for me.

Emma still doesn't quite understand what's going on with Mommy, but she does rub and kiss my belly every day to say hi to the baby. She says baby, but I know there's no way she really gets it. Still, it's fun to see how loving she can be -- even to a pushed out belly button!

Well, that's the update on our second little babe. Updates on our first babe to come early next week... with lots of pictures. Until then, Happy Mother's Day everyone. Enjoy your kiddies!


Anonymous said...

OPEN THE GIFT EARLY!!! I'M DYING TO KNOW! How's that for support? I know! How about you have the dr. call me and it will be our little secret? I promise I'll be very careful not to slip and tell you! :)
Anywho, I'm glad all is going well! I can't wait til your birthday!

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

Oh I am so excited for you!!!!


Carol said...

Good to hear you are doing well and baby is doing well. I like the surprise, too. But I can see why parents would like to know ahead of time. You need to do what's right for you. God is so good! Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Had to come track down your blog after seeing this photo on Flickr. I'm only 2 weeks ahead of you! Exciting.

My husband would like a boy, what with us having a girl already. I can see the benefits of both - I just really want an "easy" child this time. :P

I have no patience about finding out the gender though. We're hoping to find out when we can - which will be another month away at close to 22 weeks. I want to sort out clothes and my husband wants to sort out a name - whether that'll happen or not, I don't know. Rose didn't have a name when she was born. :P

Rose is pretty much the same with understanding what's going on - or not. She'll kiss my tummy when I ask her where Muma's baby is and I tell her there's a baby growing in there. She can say "baby" and "growing", but it's a lot for her to understand and she doesn't know how far away October is.

Enjoy Mother's Day.

Mommy Brain said...

I don't understand this whole..."I want to be surprised" way of thinking, but plenty of my girlfriends share it with you. Your belly is adorable...kind of reminds me of how I look after a big burrito. Hmmm? Hope you feel better soon!

Jen said...

Yeah, Mommy Brain went nuts the one time she didn't know!! We're waiting too, partially to drive her crazy! :-)

Your belly is so cute and stretch-mark free. I think I looked like that about 3 days after I got a positive. :-)

Anonymous said...

I've never thought about it like that before, being a gift that shouldn't be opened early. Now I'm happy that my hubby didn't give in and let us find out! We're being surprised too, but we did find out with theBeast. I think I'm having a boy, so it will be fun to see if I'm right! It'll still be fun if I'm wrong!

Anonymous said...

How cute are you??? Oh, I love that baby cute! But definitely not as acceptable when the baby is no longer on the inside...what to do, what to do??? :)
Happy Mother's Day, sweetie!!!

Butterfly Mama said...

You look so cute! I'm in the popcorn stage - it's so funny!

We talk about it with our son all the time and sometimes I feel he "gets" it and others not. In the bathtub he has these little containers that he fills with bath water and the will say "here's your iced tea Mommy". Then he gets one for him and Dad too. Tonight he then asked about one for baby sister and filled half of a plastic easter egg and said "here's baby sister's". So cute - but I still think he's going to be shocked in a couple months!!!

Anonymous said...

The most stylish fetus ever! Both genders have their pros and cons don't they? I have a feeling if we didn't have a boy first, Bryan would be on my case about trying for a second.

I love that you wait to find out, I like playing the guessing game and somehow it makes me more excited too. Not sure what it has to do w/me though but it's so fun!

"Emma only got nutritious foods (and still does), and this baby deserves the same." What a great and fair mom. You always impressed me w/how well (with good portion control!) you eat during pregnancy.

Glass Half Full said...

Very cute bump!!! :)

Both my hubby and I had to know (total planners here). But I have a few friends that like the surprise -- a good labor motivator!!!