Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Let's Talk About It: Manners

Emma is pretty good at the whole manners thing. Saying "thank you" and "please" come fairly naturally to her (most of the time). She is also known to say sweet things like, "I'm glad you are my Mommy," and "Grandma, you look especially beautiful today."

However, she really hit the mark yesterday with her Daddy. After dinner, he was clearing off the table, and Emma says to him:

"Daddy, would you like a beer?"


Even better? She then goes outside to the cooler and gets him one. I swear the pride was oozing out of his ears.

Then she got mad when Grandpa didn't want one. How rude that he would turn down her nice request! Jeff, on the other hand, was more than willing to accept and drink his beer, all for the sake (cough, cough) of his little girl.

Now we know where those good manners come from...


kkoois said...

that's pretty fantastic. what a polite and hospitable girl you are raising. she is welcome at our next party!

M. Fox said...

Jason says she's welcome here anytime! I'm back fyi...back from OK...call me! Let's do something. I still have those zoo tickets.

Anonymous said...

That's our Emma - brings to mind a wonderful memory of a little girl named Lisa sitting up in front of the whole church for Children's sermon time & when the group was asked what they wanted to be when they grew up & a very excited 3 yr old with short curly hair waved her arm & jumped up put her hand on her jutted hip & told everyone that she "Wanted to be a waitress just like her mommy". She said it with such pride, but somewhere along the way her aspirations were raised just a tad :-)

Butterfly Mama said...

This is great! Love it!

Thanks for sharing,