Thursday, June 17, 2010

Drama Queen

Did you know that an OB appointment can last 7 hours? No really. You didn't? Well, it can.

Did you know you could turn that harmless appointment into a fun-filled trip to labor and delivery, complete with a call to your hubby to get his butt downtown a.s.a.p.? You know, just for kicks...

And did you know you can then top it all off by driving home in 2 hours of Chicago traffic during rush hour when there is a complete downpour?

Oh, yes, yes, you can.

That, my friends, was my Tuesday.

And, yes, I would REALLY like some WINE with that whine. Please, please have a glass for me. Or two. ;)

Now, first of all, let me say that everything is totally fine and that the drama here is totally intended. (But, of course, we all know there is at least a smiggin' of truth in sarcasm.)


Needless to say, Tuesday's appointment wasn't as "uneventful" as we had hoped. Well, in the end it was (a blessing, I know!), but not without some drama.

I really, really hate drama. I try to avoid it at all costs, but I'm afraid I'm turning into a drama queen. Seriously. I've never even broken a bone, but now? Well, I feel like it's always something.

And it's not like a "poor, poor me" kinda thing -- honestly. It's more like a "this is getting embarrassing because I need you to now watch my kids for 7 hours because I can't seem to sit on a fetal monitor without something fluke-ish happening" kinda thing. I mean really?

So here's what happened: I went for a typical OB appointment (no ultrasound), which started with a stress (NST) test. I got downtown in record time, so I was feeling really good that we were going to break our current 5-hour minimum: NST, pee, weight, belly measure, and see ya next week!


I was hooked up to the NST machine, chatting away with my nurse while Miss Brooklyn was happily displaying her latest moves via line graph, when BEEP, BEEEEP, BEEEEEEP!!!!

Nurse runs out; another runs in. Doctor comes in. "Turn on your right side. Turn on your left."

Chaos, chaos, chaos.

"Turn back over and let's get that heartbeat again."

No more BEEEEEEPS! Just beep, beep.


Me: "What just happened?"

New female OB I had just met who looked like she was straight out of Grey's Anatomy: "Your baby's a bit of a trouble maker. Her heart rate dropped significantly for a while there, but she looks fine now. We just want to monitor you over at labor and delivery for a few hours. We'll do your OB exam over there."

Me: "Uh, okay."

So I call Jeff and waddle across the street to triage, call my absolutely angelic sister-in-law babysitter, get hooked up again, and snooze until my now-stressed hubby arrives. Oh joy.

Brooklyn is fine, but yes, she is a trouble maker. It appears that she decided to grab hold of the umbilical cord and give it a good squeeze, which made her heart rate plummet just enough to freak us all out.

But all is well now.

She is moving plenty, and I feel fine. And this grabbing thing? Well, it doesn't surprise me. I swear this girl has a hold on my bladder and squeezes it any time she feels the need for a good laugh...and lately, that is quite often. :)

I too can laugh about it all now, but I'll admit it wore on me a little Tuesday night after I finally got the girls to bed and I was waiting for Jeff to get home from his second trip into work...ya know, at 9pm.

But we all need a good cry now and then, right? And thank goodness I decided to give in and buy that heavenly bag of chocolate the night before when I went grocery shopping. Now THAT was a God-send for sure.

So there's some more drama for ya'll. I have an ultrasound next week, so we'll see what happens. At least I get to see Miss Queenie herself and those grabby hands! Seriously, could I write a better script?


grandma said...

Now, why am I NOT surprised? Brooklyn we are going to have to have a little talk, although it seems that maybe your big sisters have beat me to it ;-) We're in a hurry to meet you too, but enough with the shenanigans!

Stephanie said...

I'm glad that all is well!

I can't even imagine a 7-hour OB appointment! Wow. It sounds like you handled the whole thing with a peaceful and patient heart. You amaze me!