Monday, July 12, 2010


This summer is flying by, but we are trying our hardest to savor every minute. Trying to balance the "to do" lists and errands with the fun and memorable. Trying to let go of the schedule a little and enjoy the sunshine for as long as it lasts.


Lately, I am finding joy in the every day, especially as I look at these two little girls grow more and more in love with each other. They are truly best friends, and their relationship is something they created on their own. Somehow, their relationship makes me more complete, and it makes every hard day worth it.




The three of us -- "the girls" as Jeff calls us -- we are a package deal. And I love that. They drive me crazy, yes, but they also amaze me and inspire me and love me for all that I am (and all I am not).




When I look at them -- at us -- I am happy. Often frustrated, always exhausted, and sometimes overwhelmed...but happy. And to think we get to add another girl to our "package" makes me happier. I know it makes them happier too.



(*P.S.: "Power - Part 2" later this week...)

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Stephanie said...

Tim calls us "the girls" too. I love how you said that the three of you are a "package deal." That statement totally resonated w/ my heart.

P.S. Your girls are beautiful.