Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tug, Tug, Tug

This one is growing up way too fast, and I am trying hard to figure out how to let go while still staying close.

This one cracks me up, but has a sensitive heart that I pray we are filling much more than we are hurting.

This one is giving me more strength these days than she will ever realize, and I am convinced now more than ever that she was meant for me -- and not the other way around.

My three loves, pulling my heart strings in all sorts of directions but somehow holding me together; tugging and mending, just enough so that the love overflows.

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Making it work...
Emma: cardigan and belt- Target; jeans- Gap

Kendall: coat- Target, Emma hand-me-down; cords- Kohls, Emma hand-me-down; shoes- Koala Kids, friend hand-me-down

Brooklyn: dress- Old Navy, Kendall hand-me-down; leggings- Gymboree, niece hand-me-down; hat- gifted,  Kendall-hand-me down


Anonymous said...

what gorgeous lovely children :)

ElizabethMJaocb said...

so precious! and the blue eyes!!

Susan said...

They're gorgeous!
Your little Brooklyn's eyes are stunning. Just stunning.

Shannon :: The Scribble Pad said...

what beautiful prayers for your girls, that you are filling them more than hurting them, that you know how to stay close, and so much more that every parent must feel, pray, and long for during this wild journey.

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

Oh my goodness how can they be so big! LOVE their style! :)


Unknown said...

What a beautiful gaggle of girls! My biggest, who is 8, seems to be growing up too fast too. They reach the age where you can see the young woman in them rather than the little girl and all you can do is hang on tight to those sweet little girl moments for as long as they last.

Mel said...

what a trio of beauties! And a more beautiful sentiment for each one, lovely words from a mama-heart.
Mel :o)

Stefanie said...

Seriously, tell Emma to stop looking so old and mature! She looks six going on sixteen in this picture :( I still remember the day you told us she was on the way!