Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So leave it to me to get on a good blogging roll and then come to a screeching halt after leaving my heart on the page screen for all to see.

I kinda feel like that last post needs some explanation, yet my hope was that it wouldn't need one at all. I have to admit that I wonder what ya'll thought of it. Not that this is a shameless plug for comments, but I do care what you think. Probably more than I should.

But, honestly, that's one of the reasons I wrote the last post. Lately, I've been inspired to take chances. My whole life, I have played it safe. I have followed the rules and colored like WAAAY inside the lines. I still follow rules (just ask my hubby and my 6-year-old daughter), but I realize that I need to let my crayon travel outside those boundaries every once in a while. Like many other things, it is good for the soul.

So I have decided to push my work, my writing, and my faith. Taking chances not for the sake of taking chances, but to inspire myself to do more, to leave a mark. Even it means putting myself out there.

This blog is a "risk" for me. Yes, I am a writer by trade, but I am a journalist. I deal with research, facts, and figures. I write with my head. But this, this is my heart. And that is a scary thing.

But I am pushing myself. Writing about things that might make some people uncomfortable and playing with words in ways that would make my grammar teacher rip her hair out. Yes, we're talking commas here, but it's my crayon and my journey. I'm sure yours would look different, but that's the point.


Don't get me wrong. This isn't about putting a spotlight on me or even this blog. If I only have 3 readers, so be it. It's about feeling alive. It's about amazing my God. It's about inspiring my own children to feed their passions, to not settle for cozy and comfortable.

I feel called to be more. I feel we are all called to be more.


I literally watch this little girl push herself every single day... joyfully and with much determination. There are just so many things I take for granted. So many things that are EASY.


But the blessing, my friends, isn't in the easy. It's in the hard. The uncomfortable. The more.




Making it Work...
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Shirt: Target, Kendall hand-me-down
Skirt: Old Navy, Kendall hand-me-down
Tights: Baby Gap, niece hand-me-down

*P.S. Putting this brown skirt with a gray top was VERY outside of the lines for me. I know, I know... nothing says "carpe diem" like a brown skirt. Let's call it "mocha," shall we? ;)


mom said...

As you know - I am your biggest fan ;-) But I have to be honest - sometimes your precious, honest, concise and sometimes heart-wrenching words leave ME with none. You have helped me to look deep into my own heart - to feel, to do and to BE more. Then I start thinking, "Wait a minute - I'm your mom, I'm supposed to be teaching you!" And then God speaks to my heart & reminds me the He is the one teaching you these things - thank you for sharing His lessons with the rest of us.

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

Oh Lisa, I love seeing you push out those words and have to say you really got it- it's so hard to write with your heart when you have to write with your head and vice versa. Also, I love brown & gray LOL


Susan said...

Just lovely.
As is she.

Anonymous said...

Lisa your writing is a gift from God it is always so inspiring and brings tears to my heart and eyes.
Brooklyn is an Angel from God and those eyes really tug on my heart. May God Bless your Family this Christmas.

julie said...

Just wanted to say that your blog has been a blessing to me. Our 3rd child was born in July with SB and I have been blessed by your journey. julie