Thursday, February 02, 2012

Rock Star


They said there was no way to know her abilities. What she will or won't be able to do.

Every case is different. Every child is different.

Wait and see. Wait and see.

Well, we have waited, and now we are seeing. Seeing miracles. Perhaps through a different lens than the rest of the world, but we are seeing miracles.

From the first day she kicked those legs, to the first day she sat up, to first day she scooted across that floor, to the first day she stood tall and proud.


And now we are here. Walking. A place that looks different than I ever would have imagined, but a place that is more beautiful than I ever could have dreamed.

Of course, there will be more milestones. More independence. More work. But I have no doubt she will amaze me every single time.

Just weeks ago, they said that she was "too young" to start using a walker.

"Mrs. Bonnema, these kids with Spina Bifida aren't typically ready until 24 months, sometimes 3 years old."

Well, my dear surgeon, perhaps you have forgotten what you told me 2 years ago. Words I have hung onto every day of her existence.

Every case is different. Every child is different. 

She is different

and motivated

and stronger than you or I will ever be.


And perhaps, my dear surgeon, you haven't met my God. Because He? Well, He can do anything. Through you, through me, and most certainly through these kids with Spina Bifida.

They are rock stars. Every one of them. Not because of their challenges, but because of how they overcome those challenges.


Our rock star has decided to skip the part where you fit her for a more mobile form of bracing. We will get fitted for that next week, but until then, she has decided that she's not waiting for anyone to tell her what she is able to do. All she needed was some wheels, and thankfully God provided us with a therapist who ignored her age and her diagnosis -- and only saw her abilities.

Apparently "wait and see" isn't on Brooklyn's agenda.

Yeah, total rock star.

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Aunt Jen E. said...

Amazing!!! Brooky, your strength and determination is beyond words! Once again, Auntie Jenni is SOOOOO proud of you!!! I love you with all my heart! <3 XOXO

Jennifer said...

Way to go Brooklyn!!! You are a rock star!!!

Morgan said...

Brooklyn is so beautiful! What an amazing little girl! She is definitely a rock star!

carie mckeown said...

Wow! She is such a amazing lil girl! Ur heart must be brimming with pride! :)

Tristan said...

I'm really enjoying reading back through your blog. My own SB rockstar is 3 weeks old and also has clubfeet. We're in the casting process and just taking everything a day at a time. It's been a big adjustment - just when we thought we had this parenting babies thing figured out (Mason is our 7th child) we get new things to learn.

Jodi said...

Oh my goodness, sweet Brookie!!!! AMAZING! Watch out world, she is WALKING!! And I am CRYING! A miracle in action, that is what she is. Wow, I can't wait to see her speed when she gets her new bracing! And Lisa, your words are PERFECT. I wish I had your gift... you can always say exactly how your heart feels... and I know this because I SO FEEL YOUR HEART! Praising Abba right along with you today!!!!!!

Jodi said...

And btw, we heard all those same words... and thankfully had a PT who wouldn't settle for what we were told by all the specialists. She saw what Brooklyn could do and wanted to do and we "ran" with it. :) All that being said, not sure what your insurance and stuff is like. But if and when you need to purchase one, I have one that has never been used that really needs a good home. It is still in pieces and could easily be shipped. It's the gold one in lots of Brooklyn's pictures, except it is the NEW one we bought her... 2 weeks before she quit using the one we had borrowed. :) Anyways, it's yours if you want it/need it, today or someday. :)

Tim said...

Stop looking at me! I'm totally NOT crying right now. It's just a piece of dust in my eye. I SWEAR! (Little rockstar got me on that one...)

Kelly B said...

Thank You Lord.

Love this,
And her,
And you, Lisa!

Martina said...

Oh Lisa!!!! I have no words. But I do have tears of joy. How amazing. I love how she's calling the shots! Like most rockstars do :)

Unknown said...

This is my first time visiting your blog and I'm happy to have landed on such an inspirational post! Go you and your little rockstar! Kids are surprising in the most, um, surprising ways!

Anonymous said...

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